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Our purpose is to provide our audience with an immersive musical experience in the universe of percussion. Our diverse origins ensure the group's unique musical signature and electrifying performances.

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Danilo Valle

Músico | Musical Director

Danilo Valle serves as the principal timpanist of the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra and frequently performs as a guest musician with the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra and the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra.


He previously held the position of timpanist with the São Bernardo do Campo Philharmonic Orchestra and was a member of the percussion section of the Experimental Repertoire Orchestra. Danilo also played with esteemed groups like GPB (Grupo de Percussão do Brincante), Grupo Durum Percussão Brasil, and Grupo PIAP (Grupo de Percussão da UNESP).


His musical journey began at ULM (now EMESP) and the Municipal School of Music in São Paulo, where he pursued his passion. He further honed his skills in the United States, studying at Georgia University under the guidance of acclaimed timpanist Tim Adams.


Danilo is proudly an artist endorsed by Adams.

Leonardo Gorosito

Músico | Musical Director

Leonardo Gorosito is a musician and Musical Director, currently serving as the timpanist and head of percussion for the Paraná Symphony Orchestra since 2017. Alongside Rafael Alberto, he co-founded DESVIO, a percussion duo with two albums to its credit: "Cancioneiro" and "Ritmos Brasileiros," the latter in collaboration with the Orquestra Ouro Preto.


Leonardo's artistic journey began at the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), where he earned his Bachelor's degree under the guidance of esteemed mentors like John Boudler, Carlos Stasi, and Eduardo Gianesella. He further pursued his passion and achieved a Master's degree in Percussion at Yale University, studying with the renowned professor Robert Van Sice, where he also completed his Artist Diploma.


Beyond his role in orchestral settings, Leonardo actively engages as a composer, arranger, and musical director for various Brazilian productions, including collaborations with the multi-instrumentalist Antônio Nóbrega. His versatile expertise continues to enrich the music scene, and his passion for percussion remains an inspiring force in the industry.

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Rafael Alberto

Músico | Executive Director

Rafael Alberto is the Principal Percussionist of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra and has been a member of the Orquestra Ouro Preto since 2011. Not only does he perform frequently as a soloist with these partner orchestras, but he also shines as a chamber musician alongside flutist Cássia Lima. Together, they released a recording of Astor Piazzolla's "História do Tango," showcasing their remarkable musical chemistry.


Alongside Leonardo Gorosito, Rafael co-founded DESVIO, a duo dedicated to composing and performing their own pieces. The group has released two original albums: "Ritmos Brasileiros," in partnership with the Orquestra Ouro Preto, and "Cancioneiro."


Rafael Alberto's musical journey includes studies at the Conservatório de Tatuí and the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), followed by his master's degree from Stony Brook University in the United States. Currently, he is pursuing a specialization in Management with an emphasis on Project Management at Fundação Dom Cabral, showcasing his commitment to continuous growth and development in his artistic and professional pursuits.

Rubén Zúñiga

Músico | Artistic Director

Rubén Zúñiga, a distinguished musician and Artistic Director, has been serving as a Percussionist with the prestigious Osesp (São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra) since 2011. His extraordinary talent has graced the stages of renowned theaters worldwide, captivating audiences from the Hong Kong Festival of Arts in China to the Festival de Lucerne in Switzerland.


Beyond his illustrious tenure with Osesp, Rubén passionately pursues parallel artistic endeavors. As a vibraphonist and arranger, he lends his exceptional skills to the Escualo Ensemble, while also contributing as a percussionist to the vibrant Percorso Ensemble.


Rubén's educational journey reflects his unwavering commitment to musical excellence. He pursued studies at the esteemed Universidade do Chile and further honed his craft at the Hochschule für Musik und Theather München in Germany. Seeking greater artistic growth, he pursued advanced training in the United States, attending the prestigious Temple University and Cleveland State University.


Since 2013, Rubén has garnered international acclaim, proudly representing esteemed brands as an artist endorsed by Zildjian, Black Swamp Percussion, and Vic Firth. His enduring commitment to musical mastery and diverse artistic ventures has solidified his position as a celebrated figure in the world of percussion.

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